• Consulting

    ZakApps provides SAP consulting services consistently across the globe. We collaborate with many local and regional partners, including research institutions and
    universities to get the latest on technology and business solutions. By working closely with highly specialized partners, we offer in-depth expertise in SAP’s specific
    products, industries, and technologies. This ensures that we are always up-to-date and able to provide with detailed and insightful and intuitive advice,
    wherever our client business operates.

    Driving Digital Innovation

    Our SAP SME’s would help drive and delivering digital transformation to compete with market changes and competition. With ample experience in SAP consulting services, our SAP consultants will provide consistent solutions, integrating applications across the enterprise, identification of gaps on existing SAP applications, efficient usage and would assist business to execute, optimize and convert enterprise applications that can bring intelligence and automation to the business with sustainability. .

    Boost your Business Transformation

    Experienced SAP technology consultants from ZakApps would work on business strategy and improve sector-specific execution to steady business operations. The proficiency of specialists means that you are sure optimal execution of current and future requirements in complex application environments and integration. Our proven SAP business workflow consultants make sure professional regulations, compliances and support based on the latest market trends and business discovery in the area of technology and platforms in SAP space.

    100% assured to get the best out of SAP

    As an expert SAP Consulting Company our methodology is focused on a highly collaborative approach bridging business, users and technology. We follow best practices to best use of essential technologies that generate higher business performance with improved productivity. Our team of SME’s have a perfect combination of technical proficiency, business knowledge, problem solving, design thinking and stakeholder management to deliver the best in the industry.

    SAP Implementation, Rollout, Upgrade & Support

    We are a global SAP solution provider supported by SAP Center of Excellence team to offer SAP implementation, rollout upgrades, and support solutions efficiently to augment your business.

    SAP Fiori
    • Our consultants with global experience would execute SAP implementation that complies to SAP ERP software implementation in any organization. Our consultants, have proven records on delivering high-quality implementations within budget and schedule.
    • We have SME’s to execute SAP implementation rollout services as and when the business expands geographically, adding new business domains and change in business processes. Focus would be on increased speed, requirements and processes optimization to reduce cost and time.
    • ZakApps handle complex Upgrade and Migration projects through smart discovery, meticulous planning and detailed tracking. Our SAP consultants effectively use SAP supplied automation tools for a smoother and efficient transitions.

    We have right skilled SAP consultants (Technical and Functional) who can support across all business domains independently as well as part of your extended IT team This will let you focus on your core business activities while we act as your expanded internal team and take up the rights of smooth SAP system management.

  • App Development

    ZakApps has dedicated consultants to build customized applications developed for every aspect of your business challenges. Our effective solutions, streamlined operations,
    productivity technics and costs reduction mechanism to boosts the performance of the business.

    Our expert team of consultants will recommend and implement the best possible solutions for you to meet the intricacy of your business demands. We have many
    success stories and testimonials on deploying several business applications across different industries from manufacturing to retail serving end to end
    business functions.

    World Class User Experience (UX)

    • Responsive design and progressive web Apps
    • Building complex applications with high performance
    • Leveraging world class UX designers
    • Benefits
    • Seamless user experience using Omnichannel
    • Improved web application accessibility
    • Single code base accelerates development
    • Reduced maintenance cost through single codebase like combining UI5, Fiori, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript

    Optimized System Performance

    • Designed for faster response (like compressing images, caching and compressing front end resources)
    • Effective use of tools ○ Experienced/Proven architects and designers
    • Rigorous code review and code optimization
    • Implementing CDNs (Content Delivery Networks)
    • Benefits
    • Quick response time with real time data
    • Faster visualization of transactional and analytical data
    • Integrated view to take decisions faster

    Scalable Application Design

    • Cloud based web development
    • Drive strategic mandate for AI/ML in the enterprise
    • Effective use of DEVOPS tools
    • Benefits
    • Reduced release cycle through Cloud deployment
    • 24/7 availability using Load balancing and auto healing
    • Smart checks and alerts at system, user and connectivity levels

    Delivery Catalysts of ZakApps

    As a digital partner, ZakApps will be providing you with the end to end Business processes through defining, conceptualizing, planning, developing solutions and
    implementation for your business transformation. Our Enterprise Application Development and integration will streamline your operations, reduce costs, manage your
    real time inventory and CRM.

  • Application Support

    ZakApps provides holistic and integrated approach to your IT requirements and our Industrialised solution enables your organization to speed your digital journey, improve predictability, deliver business outcomes and minimize cost

    Our Application support operations includes leveraging cross-functional synergies across Application, Infrastructure and Release management services focusing on “time to market” which is very much required in the current Market across industries.

    one way transition
    • Transition
    • Faster and smoother Transition
    • High security coverage and support
    • Easy Upgrade options
    • Strong leadership team to drive end to end transition
    • Continuous Business Improvement
    • 24/7 support
    • 24/7 system availability
    • DEVOPS expertise for faster deployment and release
    • Skilled team to cover 24/7 support
    • Skilled and proven team
    • Early Watch reporting with technical health-checks
    • Successful SAP Enterprise Support 24 x 7

    • World Class Service
    • 100% SLA compliance
    • Proven Business Continuity support
    • Availability and support from Industry Experts
    • Flexible Support Services adopting to Business needs
    • Business view and strategic thinking solution Managers
    • Delivery Excellence
    • Experienced SMEs and techies
    • Proven organizational structure, talent and delivery process
    • Structured reporting and communication
    • Expertise on solving critical/P1 tickets
    • High Quality through ITIL 4 process compliance

    Application Support Best practices

  • Magento

    ZakApps provides one-stop solutions for businesses in the e-commerce domain. Being a Magento certified Adobe Solution Partner, we offer first-class Magento development services to our growing clientele from all over the world.

    Are you looking to build a new Magento store from scratch with Magento extension development or are you looking to migrate to Magento 2 or wanting to enhance your existing Magento Store?

    ZakApps as a market leader with vast industry and domain experience, updated knowledge and efficient resources is your partner for every type of business.

    SAP Hybris

    Hybris is an e-commerce software where it provides solution for B2C and B2B and Telco.

    Cockpits and Back office - Generally e-commerce solutions won’t encourage restarting of server’s but if they need some changes to be deployed on the fly. Here comes the cockpit and back office from which we can control the changes on front end (storefront) of hybris. And also we can modify the permissions of each user. And also we can upload products on fly to the storefront.

    There are many cockpits OOTB provided by hybris for managing things on the fly.


    Shopify is a commerce platform that allows anyone to set up an online store and sell their products. Merchants can also sell their products in person with Shopify POS.

    Shopify began over ten years ago, when our founder Tobi sought to sell snowboards through his company, Snowdevil, at the time. He rapidly found that selling snowboards online without an easy-to-use eCommerce platform was difficult. As a result, he decided to build it himself, and thus Shopify was created.

  • SCM

    Retail Order Management System

    ZakApps is developing a be-spoke application to address the major issues in business for Ordering and Tracking orders. Provides comparison of new products with similar existing products for better decisions during product selection. Provides insights on various factors like shipping cost, duty rate, lead time, transport delays to select a vendor for a product. Helps buyers with sales figures and real time stock positions (and historical data) before placing orders Integrated with Internal ERP application and external shipping agent’s systems Platform independent, scalable frameworks, keeping performance and usability as key elements

    • Technologies:

      • HTML/CSS
      • Angular JS
      • JAVA
    Electronic Software Download

    Electronic Software Download

    A vault system to securely procure product keys for digital products and distribute them electronically. Integrated with real time systems of retail giants including Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony to sell electronic games and MS Office products. Includes an highly secured digital vault (Level 3 security) to facilitate storing and retrieval of digital product codes by end users. Integrated with POS terminals at stores thereby reducing inventory levels of physical goods to bare minimum.

    • Technologies:

      • HTML/CSS
      • Angular JS
      • JAVA
    SAP Fiori

    SAP Fiori

    Partnered with a leading retailer in UK and Ireland for SAP Fiori implementation. Developed a comprehensive in-house solution that includes a one stop tool for article details that gives a one page complete insight of an article improving user experience and productivity. The solution includes responsive UI designs enabling accessibility over mobile devices. Real time stock checker across all warehouses ensuring stores never run out of stock. Price change history, sales summary and other useful Fiori reporting applications effectively replaced legacy systems and ad-hoc excel based reporting that were in practice.


    ECommerce Mobile App

    A consumer facing app for a leading retailer in UK and Ireland. Native iOS and Android mobile application that allows kids and parents to browse through product categories in an engaging way on their mobile devices. The application was developed as a plug and play solution to be integrated with existing ecommerce solution. First to introduce the concept of creating Avatars in wishlists to allow parents to create and maintain independent wishlists for their kids. Created a customized product menu listing products in a sequence that can be easily managed by the sales team. Supported both portrait and landscape view (for tablets). Increased user enagement with more than 80,000 active users in the first year with at least one third of the users repeatedly using the app as a product catalogue.

    • Technologies:

      • Android
      • iOS
      • PHP