• Fiori

    ZakApps has dedicated consultants that build customized applications for every aspect of your business challenges. Our effective solutions,
    streamlined operations, productivity technics and cost reduction mechanism are all designed to boost your businesses performance.

    We recommend and implement the best possible solutions to simplify complexity and have many success stories, deploying several business applications across different industries from manufacturing to retail serving end to end business functions.

    Data Visualization Benefits

    Data Visualization Benefits

    • Comparison with the targeted forecast data
    • Comparing data to take strategical decisions
    • Realtime integration of data
    • Identifying the leaders and lagers
    • Cost visualization through smart visualization charts
    • Time series-based data analytics
    • Monitor & explore actionable insights from business data

    Delivering Great User Experience

    We offer an SAP-centric enterprise approach to Design Thinking that brings together deep SAP technical expertise with UX and business processes.

    Challenges in User Experience
    • Information spread all over the place
    • Relevant actions hidden / require many clicks
    • No or poor value help / drop-down lists
    • Unhelpful error messages / confusing actions
    • Slow / Unresponsive system
    Business Benefits
    Data Visualization Benefits
    Gain Productivity,
    Data Quality Save Training Costs
    Decrease Change Request, User Errors
    Data Visualization Benefits
    Increase User satisfaction, Customer Loyalty, Solution Adoption
    Strengthen Relationship (IT and Business)
    More Business Through repeat customers

    Design Thinking for application design

    SAP Fiori is the design system for all SAP products. It applies modern concepts and design principles, enabling users to get the job done easily and have a delightful experience.

    The SAP Fiori design system can be implemented through various UI technologies and platforms, such as the powerful and open SAPUI5 / OpenUI5 HTML / JavaScript
    framework, or the iOS and Android SDKs for native mobile SAP Fiori apps.