Migrate from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x in the best way possible

Migrate from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x in the best way possible:

The End-Of-Software Support (EOSS) for Magento 1.x ended on 1st June 2020 yet many store are running on Magento 1.x with security risks and limited features..

Magento Version Live Sites
Magento 1.9 35,288
Magento 1.8 2,970
Magento 1.7 2,970
Magento 1.6 774

source https://builtwith.com/

This seems to be the right time for online businesses to shift to the Magento 2.x as it gives the advantage of better security and upgraded features. However, the latest version has to be handled with care to get the best out of it. As an online business owner, it is vital to understand the practical challenges and a blueprint of solutions. Below are some of the issues that will be faced and how we can overcome them.

1. Speed and Performance Drop

Magento 2 can be very slow if not optimized / handled properly. No one wants a slow loading website while selling our valuable products. Without professional expertise in action Magento 2 can cause troubles.

  • Slow Admin area and search speed
  • Incorrect / unoptimized cache configurations
  • Poor cron schedules
  • Unoptimized database setups

  • So how to optimize and speed up the site? Get the best back-end team working on it to optimize the infrastructure and application to boost the performance of your store.

    2. Negative Effect on Search Engine Rankings

    SEO plays the most important role when it comes to migrating from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x. During the process of migration, there is a good chance that your site might miss out on some of the SEO actions.

  • Loss of page ranking due to URL Changes
  • Lack of redirects from old to new pages
  • Duplicate content due bad robots.txt screening
  • Localization and multi-store SEO issues.

  • The best solution is to keep in mind the SEO ranking before actually implementing the migration process.
    Our Migration, Development and SEO teams work together to make transition from M1 to M2 system easy and error free.

    3. Security Issues

    The Magento 2 default setup comes with best security practices. It is important for companies to shift to this as soon as possible.

    However, third party modules might pose a risk if not properly chosen / verified before using them in our stores.

    Take utmost care when selecting a third party extension for any required functionality, analyze the structure and code level features. To make sure the third party with custom extensions follow the recommended security guidelines and the compliances like PCI & GDPR are followed.

    This challenge can be easily resolved with a fully supported team ensuring the compliances are taken care of.

    4. UI / UX Compatibility

    We all want a stunning, user friendly conversive store to enhance your customer experience. Magento 2, however, comes with a basic theme “Luma” that might be suitable for your theme.

    We can either buy a theme from Magento marketplace or build a theme from scratch that is unique to your business and represents your brand.

    Having a custom theme designed with best UI/UX development ensures that your site is at its best.

    5. Data Loss / Inconsistency during migration

    Data Loss (missed attributes) are inevitable when migrating from Magento 1.x to Magento 2. This happens due to the attributes created by third party modules or customizations which are no longer available or the structure of those modules is now changed.

    There needs to be a separate team to work on QA and business users to verify the loss is minimized and any effects thereof are mitigated as soon as these arise, so that everything is sorted before going back live with the new system.

    6. Theme and Extension compatibility

    This is the longest part in the migration process. Themes and Extensions from Magento 1.x are not compatible with Magento 2. To build a new theme or to write a custom extension requires in-depth knowledge of

  • Magento 2’s underlying architecture
  • Different web technologies - HTML , LESS , JS, PHP, PHTML, UI Components etc.
  • Recommended programming approaches and guidelines
  • Among other things.
  • Bring in backend and frontend developers have got ample experience and knowledge working the platform and build
  • Extensions
  • Themes
  • Customization and
  • Integrations

  • 7. Learning new system is complex

    Learning a new system for the business user can be challenging and a daunting task. This is one of the reasons why there are still a lot of merchants not ready to migrate.

    This is where we at Zakapps can help you. We work on two fundamental pillars to ensure a smooth transition in your business.

  • Our dedicated team will take care of your daily management tasks
  • Our training team will help you learn and use the new system

  • 8. Integrations with CRM and ERP Systems

    It is very likely that your magento store might be integrated with other systems, like CRM, ERP or 3PL Partner. With migration, you will need to do it over again. Magento 2 provides comprehensive APIs and Integrations out-of-box.

    To add to that our expert developers are experienced in customizing and integration flow and fit it into the process without any compromise on security or performance.

    9. Downtime

    This is the difficult part for the merchants. As a merchant you do not want to lose your business even for a second. That is why we need a DevOps team to augment all our deployments. We use CI/CD approach for deployments and delivery. This reduces the downtime almost to zero when moving into production and any further development afterwards.

    10. High Cost

    Migrating to Magento has a high cost. The process involves data migration, theme development, extension development, customization, integrations and many more steps. Hence time and money - both are high.

    According to a latest research, Magento 2 has 165% Return on Investment. Any investment made on this should be looked from a cost benefit perspective.

    Choose an affordable solution to support the migration process with best service. With Magento certified expert at Zakapps, all of these challenges can be solved in the best possible way. We have an in-house expert team dedicated for each challenges to ensure the migration happens in the smoothest way. With having multiple successful projects in the past, we assure

    a) Your store site performance will be kept optimized after the migration
    b) SEO ranking of your site remains the best
    c) Minimal error on the security issues.
    d) Custom made UI/UK design exclusively for your brand.
    e) No data loss with dedicated team deployed.

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